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  About Me 


Thanks for visiting my website. I have been interested in multi-media art since I was a child. When I was six years old,  my mother taught me how to crochet and do macrame. Since then I have made soap, painted, made candles, done batik, pottery, wood carving, dress-making, (the buckskin dress pictured here is one of my earlier creations) and more. But my heart and passion is in beadwork and working with leather. As I was learning, I was inspired by my Indigenous friends and over the past 40 years I have explored Russian bead-weaving, French bead embroidery and African beadwork. My designs are sometimes unusual but always uniquely mine. 


Deerskin & moosehide dress that I made for a tour guide at an interpretive village in Boston Bar BC. The dress features raspberries beaded at the neckline and beaded chevrons down each sleeve.  

My Products


I really enjoy painting and when my eyes are tired of beading, I pull out my paints and create beautiful keepsake boxes with nature themed paintings. I always go that extra step and add fancy feet, latches and intricate embellishments. 

Everything I make is custom designed to your specifications, so if you see something you like but it's not quite what you have in mind, just give me a call or an e-mail and we can discuss your ideas. 

My money back guarantee is your assurance that your purchase will be absolutely perfect. 

Thanks so much for your interest!   Crystal Sedore