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Brick Stitch for Beginners and Design Inspiration

I've made around 1000 pairs of earrings over the years and when I first started way back in the 1970's I made my own patterns and designs the old way; graph paper and coloured pencils. I still do it that way sometimes but nowadays there are many convenient tools available online, from graph paper to downloadable PDF patterns, that will save you time and frustration. I have a pretty good collection of tools to share with you that I hope you might find useful. I have started with the basics of getting started. There are some free downloads of graph paper and templates to help you design your own earrings. Finally I have created a gallery of designs that you can use either 'as is" or just browse for inspiration. I do not use PDF or written out patterns, I prefer to just use a good drawing on graph paper and work from that. I have steered away from any type of cultural symbols or copyrighted designs so you are free to use whatever is here. I hope that you will find ways to adapt these designs to reflect your own personal taste and style. Happy beading!

Create the base row, for beginners I suggest you use bugle beads to get the feel of how the earrings are constructed. The earring will be beaded above and sometimes below, like for diamonds, this base row.

Here is a simple diagram explaining how the basic brick stitch earring is created.

Design your own earrings with graph paper and brick stitch earring templates.

graph paper- for brick stitch
Download PDF • 492KB

brick stitch design graphs
Download PDF • 85KB

Brick stitch earrings design templates
Download PDF • 191KB

Patterns and designs to inspire you! Click to enlarge.

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