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Organizing Tips

After 30 years as a crafter, my storage strategy has changed many times. I started out with baggies in a shoe box, then baggies in a cookie tin. Now I use plastic organizers with compartments for the small stuff like brooch backs, earring wires, rubber earring backs, thread protectors. The one I use was made to be a toolbox but it works perfectly for my little jewellery components.

I also have a set of shelves beside my work space where I store all of my most used supplies within reach of my chair. My beads are separated into the plastic bins on the shelves according to colour and purpose. It's a mess, even though I just tidied. I'm the only one who needs to know where to find things so it works for me.

I then store everything else that I rarely use in large totes in another room. If I need a strip of moosehide, pony beads, fur or feathers, I have to go to the other room to fetch them.

My organizing tips!

  • Have a dedicated place or everything and put everything back in it's place when you finish a project.

  • Use clear containers with screw on lids

  • Don't leave your beads in the baggies, they will eventually split open.

  • Put an elastic band around your thread or carefully cut a thin slit in the base of the spool to keep the spool from unwinding.

Not really an organizing tip but if you use glue, be careful of e-6000, the fumes are brutal. I had a headache for months before I realized it was the glue! Try Weldbond, it's super strong, dries clear and has no fumes.

Send me pictures of your organizing set up or comment below and please share any tips you've learned over time.

Happy Beading!

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